TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing Springfield, MOTPO Roofing is a thermoplastic polyolefin (a barrier added as an outer-coat to protect roofs). It safeguards roofs from many extreme weather conditions such as UV rays, intense rain downpours, extreme heat and it is puncture resistant. This lightweight, seamless roof protection is an extremely well-known topcoat for commercial roofs. Armor Roofing and Sales, LLC provides the high quality expertise required to apply this shield of a membrane, making us the ideal choice for TPO roofing in Springfield.

When a TPO Roof is applied, the seams are slightly overlapped and then heated to an extreme temperature. The material becomes a hot liquid for a short period of time in which it fuses together. This process creates a seamless protective layer for your roof.

Commercial TPO Roofing

Cooling costs can be dramatically reduced with TPO roofing technology that reflects UV rays and heat, to ultimately cut costs. If you factor in your potential energy savings, this inexpensive roofing solution pays for itself!

The Pros of TPO Roofing

The benefits of applying a TPO membrane are:

  • Energy cost savings
  • Exceeds energy standards
  • Over engineered waterproofing
  • Colors options

A roofing contractor that exceeds expectations

TPO roofing makes sense in Springfield, MO. The intense heat and unexpected downpours take their toll on Springfield, MO roofs. Armor Roofing contractors are licensed, insured, and bonded. We have been a well established roofing contractor for many years in the Missouri area. As TPO install experts, we know the big and little details of applying TPO roofing. We also offer additional integrations to make your roof even more resistant.

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